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Energy Statement Resources

CLASP Energy Statement Resources
CLASP Energy Statement and Carbon Calculation Resources

To supplement CLASP’s training on energy statement formulation and evaluation we have gathered together links to resources that authorities can use to evaluate proposals (and to help applicants submit proposals in a way that provides the necessary information).

A number of tools, guidance documents, training materials and case studies exist, most of which are free to access. A * indicates resources that incur a charge. As a starting point you may wish to familiarise yourself with the CLASP training material included in the second column.

If you would like to suggest additional resources for this page, or report a problem with a link let us know via

Guidance Training Toolkits Checklists, Factsheets and SPDs Case Studies
GLA Energy Planning
GLA Guidance on preparing energy assessments
Energy Statements and Carbon Calculations
CLASP Planners’ Guide
C Plan
Demonstrate and verify compliance with climate change polices *
Sustainable Design and Construction SPD
From Stockport Council
Best Practice from Yorkshire & Humber
A wide range of examples from Yorkshire & Humber authorities
Part L Conversion Factors
The National Calculation Method Modeling Guide 2010
Sustainable Buildings, Understanding Energy Statements and Carbon Calculations
Automates the submission process for energy statements *
Sustainability Checklist
From Stockport Council
Assessment of an Energy Statement
Accompanying a planning application - Wakefield
Defra GHG Conversion Factors
Convert existing data sources into CO2 equivalent emissions
How to Assess Energy Assessments
Yorkshire & Humber Training for Planners
SW Planners Toolkit
Advice on sustainable energy and climate change adaptation
Householders Renewables Handbook
From Cheshire and Warrington authorities & CLASP
Energy Planning
Monitoring the impact of London Plan Energy
Policies in 2010
CRC CO2 Conversion Factors
For measuring the emissions from energy supplies
Planning for Renewable and Low Carbon Energy
Toolkit from the Welsh Assembly Government
Renewable Energy Technology Factsheets
For householders and developers, from Lancashire authorities & CLASP
Monitoring Planning Applications
Using a Sustainability Checklist - Sheffield
Carbon Trust Energy Benchmarking Guides
For various sectors including online tools
Microgeneration Calculators
Online resource from Entrust Ltd
Sustainable Design and Construction SPD
From Leeds City Council