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Community Engagement Resource Pack

This package of resources has been developed as part of the CLASP Community Engagement Programme delivered by Energy Saving Trust and Neighbourhoods Northwest in the first six months of 2011.

It consists of factsheets, case studies, checklist, powerpoint presentations and literature library to enable community groups and local authorities to engage the wider community, demonstrate the benefits of renewable energy projects, find support and collectively decide on the best projects for their community group.

You can download the separate sections of the document that make up this toolkit by clicking on the links below:


How to Use Guide

An overview of how to use the Community Engagement Toolkit.



Five sets of sub-regional factsheets have been produced providing factual information about all renewable energy technologies at community scale, helping to decide which is the most suitable.



Greater Manchester




Case Studies

Five case studies have been produced showcasing local examples of how other communities have done it before.



A checklist has been produced to help communities to understand each step along the way


Literature Library

A literature library has been produced identifying further sources of information and support.


Powerpoint Presentation

A powerpoint presentation has been produced for communities to deliver a presentation on how to use the technical information contained in the factsheets. You can download the relevant slides by clicking on the links below:

Core Presentation


Solar PV


Solar Thermal

Heat Pumps

Biomass Heating

Renewable CHP

District Heating


Frequently Asked Questions

A review of questions raised during the community engagement training sessions together with answers provided.