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Increasing Resilience of SMEs - NEW Guide and Workshops

Responding to demand from authorities in our CLASP network we are offering a new service, of workshops on climate resilient business for SMEs.  

Through these workshops we've been introducing SMEs in to the Business Resilience Healthcheck and helping them carry out an online audit of their business. Sessions have taken place so far in Trafford, Lancaster, Whalley, Kendal and Liverpool. 

To find out more, or book a local session contact us.


We've also refreshed our "Weathering the Storm" guide for SMEs.  

There are two refreshed versions, for urban and rural areas, funded by Liverpool City Council and Cumbria County Council - but they are applicable to all areas.

Download the URBAN 2016 guide

Download the RURAL 2016 guide


The guides explore:

  • What changes we might see to our climate
  • What impacts these can have on businesses
  • Ways to protect businesses from these impacts
  • Opportunities to benefit from climate changes
  • Resources and tools to assess and increase business resilience
  • Case studies from SMEs in Cheshire and Liverpool City Region


The guides are also supported by a simple 2 page checklist to assist SMEs with assessing their climate resilience and identifying actions to take.
(Kindly funded by Cheshire and Warrington local authorities.)

Click here to download the checklist