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SUDS in Schools - the Benefits Revealed

In 2016 and 2017 CLASP have been working with BITC and partners from The Water Taskforce to test the concept that implementing SuDS on a school site could generate savings for a school, by reducing their hard-standing area and so their charges from their water supplier. 

Working with two schools in 2016 the project team carried out detailed audits and SuDS interventions were identified that could divert or slow the flow of water into the sewer system, or reduce the amount of chargeable hard standing area. Using this information, a trial version of a simple, user-friendly "Ready Reckoner" tool was developed to help schools identify if there may be a cost effective way to drop a chargeable surface water band.

In 2017 more detailed modeling has been done of the benefits of SUDS to schools and communities across Greater Manchester, and we have consulted with schools across Greater Manchester to find out their views on SUDS, funding and opportunities for implementation.

You can read our latest public report into the Multiple Benefits of SUDS for Greater Manchester here:

You can see all the SUDS related resource we've developed for schools at:

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