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District Heat Masterclass


Wednesday, September 2, 2015 - 09:30


Imperial College, London


This masterclass is a co-operation between NORDIC HEAT, Imperial College, London School of Economics, CLASP and HEATNET.


The Aim is to provide delegates with a more in-depth technical training session on the key elements in designing, installing and operating district heating and to provide access to best available technologies, practices and experiences from various markets.

The Speakers will include technical consultants & network designers, technology suppliers, and operators in district energy.

The Audience is expected to include operational staff in existing district energy companies and ESCOs as well as local authority officers and other professionals related to the sector.


The presentations and discussions will be technical and assume a basic level of understanding of the concept of district heating.

Full information can be found by downloading this document.


Topics addressed at the session will be

•Designing heat networks–priorities and concerns to optimize efficiency

•Distribution system–technologies, installation and O&M to optimize life cycle costs

•Heat interface units–design, technologies, installation and O&M

•Metering solutions–technologies, design, installation and operations

•Monitoring & Maintenance–technologies, practices and competencies

•Managing Information –handling the flow of information related to DE systems


Bookings should be made by emailing