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CCC Report on Local Authorities and Climate Change

Following discussion in Parliament regarding whether it would be appropriate to set local carbon budgets the Committee on Climate Change were requested by Greg Barker to provide advice on the role of local authorities in delivering emissions reductions.

The Committee made their report public on Thursday 17th May recommending that a statutory duty and/or additional funding is introduced to ensure local authorities have stronger incentives to act.

You can download the full report and detail from



Click here for our notes of key points and quotes from the speakers who launched the report, and those who were invited to make public responses to it.

Speakers included:

  • Greg Barker, DECC (who also had a lot to say about the Green Deal),
  • Julia King, the Committee on Climate Change,
  • Mark Atherton, AGMA,
  • David Kennedy, Committee on Climate Change,
  • Andy Atkins from Friends of the Earth.


Audio Clips

We have also put some  audio clips of key extracts from the launch speeches are online at  (They are .amr files so you may need Real Player or Quicktime to listen.)


CLASP will be closely following the government’s response to this report.