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Financing and Developing Large-scale Renewable Energy Schemes - A Guide for Local Authorities

Local Authorities are working with reduced budgets and there is very little grant funding available – yet many Local Authorities are implementing large-scale renewable energy schemes.  

Why are they doing this? And how do they achieve it?  

Warrington Borough Council and CLASP have been working together to produce a briefing that looks into this and explains the benefits, finance options and practical steps to take for Local Authority investments in renewable energy projects. The overarching lesson from officers interviewed for this briefing is ‘just get on with it’ – the business case is still a good one for the right technologies in the right place.      

The guide contains examples of a range of real-life recent projects led by Local Authorities across the UK and covers:

  • Essential Background
  • Making Your Project Happen
  • Financing and Ownership Options
  • FAQs
  • Resources  

You can download the PDF from here

Or browse the online flip-book