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Local Energy Networks - Executive Summary and Full Report

Local energy networks including decentralised energy generation, district heating and smart grid technology are potentially a key opportunity for authorities across the north west. In Cheshire and Warrington, the number of large towns within the sub-region; and the clusters of large energy users, including a mix of residential, industrial and commercial building uses within them could make energy networks more viable. But how do you start to examine the opportunities, and which steps are essential to getting an energy network implemented?  

This study outlined the key stages in taking a local energy network project from an opportunity to an operational scheme, in the form of a 'Local Energy Network Roadmap'. In describing the requirements at each step in the process, the report makes reference to three opportunity areas within Cheshire and Warrington, showing how the roadmap can be applied to these projects and highlighting their detailed requirements and key opportunities.  

The Executive Summary presents an overview of the Roadmap and a summary of the three case study locations. Further detail about how to implement each of the roadmap steps and reference to other sources of information is provided in the full project report.

Click here to down load a copy of the Local Energy Networks Executive Summary.

Click here to download a copy of the Final Local Energy Networks Report.