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Mechanisms for Energy Infrastructure Delivery in the Liverpool City Region (event)

The project analysed a range of alternative SPV models in the context of the likely nature of the opportunities available in the City Region and bearing in mind the risks and rewards that each particular approach entails.

The aim was for the project report to stimulate discussion of these issues within the LCR so that local authorities can plan their engagement in the low carbon economy fully informed of an important mechanism available to them.

Click here to download a copy of the full report which informs local authorities of the opportunities and risks offered by a range of models of special purpose vehicle for the purposes of decentralised energy network delivery, with particular emphasis on the LIverpool City Region

A dissemination event was held on 19th July 2011 for the outcome of the Mechanisms for Energy Infrastructure Delivery project, which sought to identify how local authorities can engage in the delivery of decentralized energy infrastructure through special purpose vehicle (SPV) arrangements. Click on the links below to download the relevant presentations from the event: