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Heat Network Resources

CLASP Heat Networks Resource Map
CLASP Heat Networks Resources Map

In response to requests from authorities on our recent training courses and site visits we have gathered together a map of key current resources, technical advice, case-studies and other sources of information on heat networks.

If you would like to suggest additional resources for this page, or report a problem with a link let us know via

Guidance Training and Toolkits Case Studies Further Support
TCPA Resources
Many useful documents on Community Energy
DECC National Heat Map
Providing high-resolution
maps of heat demand across England
Greater Manchester's Low Carbon Investment

District heat networks case study
CHP Focus
DECC initiative to support the development of combined heat and power in the UK
Planning for a Low Carbon Future
Guidance from CHPA for a range of audiences
DECC CHP Site Assessment

Assess and review potential options for installing CHP on a particular site
Southampton Council's
District heating scheme
DECC Community Energy

Support for different stages of delivering a community energy projects
CHP: Air Quality Guidance for Local Authorities
Aims to help local authorities understand and manage emissions from CHP systems
Decentralised Energy Network Assessment Toolkit
District Heating Good
Practice: CHPA

A number of case studies from around the country
CHPA website
Knowledge Centre

CHP, district heating, energy services and energy issues more generally
Liverpool City Region Planner Capacity Building Heat Networks
Information and guidance on a range of planning issues relating district heating
CLASP Heat Networks
Support (1)

CLASP materials focusing on the practical implementation
of heat network projects
CHPA Website Case Studies
Including industrial, district heating, small scale, hospital, universities and videos
UK District
Energy Association

Mechanisms for Energy Infrastructure Delivery for the Liverpool City Region
Analysis of SPV models in the context of the likely nature of the opportunities available
CLASP Heat Networks
Support (2)

Heat supply technologies and district energy networks training
“Lite Supply Licence”

Allowing district heating and energy operators to sell electricity at retail rate
Heat in the City
District Heat
commercial support user guide

Modeling developed by Greater Manchester authorities
Planning Officers Society Supported Learning Group
Materials from session
focused on decentralised energy and community energy
District Heating Good Practice
Learning from the HCA Low Carbon Infrastructure Fund
CLASP Planners’ Guide
Focusing on district heating
Resources supporting communities and groups planning for low carbon living
Local Government Association
Decentralised Energy
Local Energy Networks - outlined the key stages in taking a local energy network project from an opportunity to an operational scheme
Energy Share