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Decentralised Energy Networks in the LCR for LDF Allocations Documents

This project started on 4 July 2011, with a practical capacity building event held for LCR policy planners, covering the practical steps necessary to realise potential decentralised energy zones at the level of an LDF allocations document.  It covered evidence requirements, proxy measures and assumptions, clusters, benchmarking and viability issues – all in the context of prevailing conditions in the Liverpool City Region.

Click here to download a copy of the presentations from the event.

Following the presentation local authorities were asked to identify key issues where further information and guidance was required. This resulted in a number of surgery sessions being held to discuss priority issues in greater detail. The final output of the project was the preparation of this report.

The final report has now been produced and provides general information and guidance on a range of issues relating district heating. The report has been prepared to help inform plans, policies and supporting guidance to assist planners, developers and communities to better understanding heat networks.

Click here to download a copy of the report.  Guidance, data requirements and tools for assessing the potential of heat networks are provided in Appendix A.