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CLASP have just released a short summary of the changes that DECC have recently announced to ECO and to the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund.  

As you may recall there was a consultation out earlier this year on the Future of the Energy Company Obligation.  DECC has now formulated a response to this consultation and the briefing lists the main changes that will be made.  


Local Authorities are working with reduced budgets and there is very little grant funding available – yet many Local Authorities are implementing large-scale renewable energy schemes.  

Why are they doing this? And how do they achieve it?  


Welcome to July’s round-up of news, policy updates, funding opportunities and events from CLASP.

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This bulletin covers a wide range of topics on environmental resilience, carbon reduction, sustainable planning including:


Activity has picked up again nationally after the Easter break so there’s lots to cover in the latest CLASP bulletin


Latest news, training, funding and policy digests from CLASP.


Many communities in the Lake District National Park have already expressed an interest in looking at renewable energy generation and energy efficiency measures within their communities, but many struggle to know how to take these ideas forward, often finding the enormity of the challenge overwhelming.


February may be the shortest month of the year, but it was a fairly busy one for sustainability, low-carbon and adaptation developments. We’ve rounded up key points for you in this bulletin, along with a substantial catch-up on events that have taken place, and a look ahead to CLASP’s March schedule.



Details have now been agreed, and contracts are being issued for an exciting range of work under CLASP’s latest competitive funding round. A key feature of all the projects is that their outputs will be freely available for use or adaptation by other authorities, and that CLASP will be sharing these with you directly later in 2014.


Welcome to January’s bumper-edition of national and local news, funding opportunities and up-coming events.  Click to read the full article and download the bulletin.


We hope you had a good Christmas and New Year.  In this short bulletin which can be downloaded from here we’ve rounded up key news and developments from December 2013 that you may have missed.  We’ll be back again at the end of the month with a review of January.