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Welcome to CLASP's March 2015 bulletins.

There is a lot to share this month so we have split the bulletin up into 3 parts.  You can download them from the links below:


1. Resource, news and policy update 




The impacts of climate change will not be equal or fair and, without action, could increase existing disadvantage. This message was reinforced in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 5th Assessment report. And now for the first time in England, on a publicly available website, we are able to see this effect mapped across the country at a neighbourhood level.


On the 28th January local authorities came together to meet with Wirral Council, who have been running the CLASP funded Climate Resilient Parks project.


Click here to download a digest of key news, policy, resources, funding opportunities and events from the last few weeks. There is a wide range of content in this one, including:


DECC have just announced that the Green Deal Home Improvement Fund will be re-opening to applications at 9am on Wednesday 10th December.

CLASP has published a summary of the new scheme, and a review of the earlier Phase 1.  Please feel free to share it with colleagues who may be engaging with the public about this.


CLASP’s review of October 2014 can be downloaded from here.  It includes news, policy, resources, opportunities and events around environmental resilience, carbon reduction and sustainable planning, including:


•           New EU Target for Greenhouse Gas Reduction


Click here to download CLASP’s look back on September’s news, policy updates, funding opportunities and events.

This bulletin covers a wide range of topics on environmental resilience, carbon reduction, sustainable planning including:



Blackpool Council have developed a new Code of Conduct for solid wall insulation installations, launched September 2014.



Welcome to August’s round-up of news, policy updates, funding opportunities and events from CLASP. This bulletin (which can be downloaded here) covers a wide range of topics on environmental resilience, carbon reduction, sustainable planning including:


Many communities express an interest in looking at renewable energy generation and energy efficiency measures, but many struggle to know how to take these ideas forward, often finding the enormity of the challenge overwhelming.