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Supporting Local Authorities and the public sector

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Funding and Shared Projects

2013 - 2015 Project Funding 


Since 2008 CLASP has provided over £600,000 to North West local authorities and their partners for energy & emission reduction, climate adaptation, planning and skills projects.  

You can see full details and outputs from previously funded projects on the following pages:


Fund Objectives

  • Tackle critical and immediate barriers to local authority led action
  • Develop best practice and stimulate innovation in carbon reduction, adaptation and efficiency savings
  • Share best practice and facilitate transfer of knowledge
  • Accelerate progress towards a low-carbon and well adapting public sector
  • Develop local leadership on climate change

Grants are to support discrete, small, short-timescale projects. There is a minimum grant of £3,000 and maximum of £15,000. We expect most awards by CLASP to be in the range of £5,000 - £10,000.


Current Grant Awards


Community Low Carbon Energy Futures

Lake District National Park

Developing a 3D rural model, for use by all NW local authorities, together with a series of pilot workshop events (using the model) with communities in the Lake District National Park to help communities plan, engage and take action for their energy future. The project results and process will be shared with other authorities and the model will be freely available for their use.


Localised Adaptation Planning

Wigan Council

Devising an easily replicable process for producing Ward /Super Output Area level adaptation plans based on the innovative vulnerability mapping and analysis undertaken by the University of Manchester as part of their JRF research from 2011. This project will provide examples that other NW authorities can use as a basis for adapting services in their area.


Solid Wall Insulation Code of Practice

Blackpool Council

Bringing together councils, installers and other stakeholders to develop a Code of Practice for installers and a contractor directory & guidance for residents. The Code will be shared with other NW authorities.


Financing Large-Scale Investment In Renewable Energy

Warrington Council

Drawing out and sharing the learning from a range of Local Authorities that have already been through the process of financing relatively large-scale investment in renewable energy. It is intended to summarise existing information, produce case studies, host a workshop for local authorities interested in developing schemes.


Resilient Parks

Wirral Council

Establish the type of site management changes that are reasonably achievable for 5 Wirral parks and countryside sites affected by weather events in order to make them more resilient and enhance their value in climate adaptation. Engage with park users about climate change impacts and adaptation, and build support for new management practices.