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Supporting Local Authorities and the public sector

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Green Finance Support

As part of the CLASP Green Finance Support Programme KPMG provided support to local authorities on how to access new and innovative forms of financing for renewable and low carbon projects.

KPMG engaged with pilot authorities in each of the five sub-regions to understand the lessons learnt and provided financial advice across a range of infrastructure projects. Three Green Finance Training Seminars were also held to disseminate the learning and good practice that has been developed to date.  
Outputs from the programme include:
Written guidance - guidance manual written using the experience gained from working with a number of pilot authorities as well as KPMGs knowledge and experience of the financing arrangements around similar projects.
Case Studies - case studies are a companion to the written guide and allow authorities to see how the ideas contained within the guide can be put into practical application.
Click here to download a copy of the Green Finance Guide and Case Studies.

Click here to download a copy of the presentation materials and speaker notes.