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Supporting Local Authorities and the public sector

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Shared Learning Groups for Planning Officers

The supported learning group provided tailored training and development for 16 Local Planning Authorities in the North West to explore different aspects of planning for climate change at a practical level, and consider how policies can be developed which are effective and readily applied in relation to development proposals.

Four meetings were held by POS Enterprises Ltd which included a mix of presentations from specialist speakers as well as opportunity for discussion and exchange of practice.  Key issues addressed during the meetings included:

  • Localism, sustainability and climate change
  • Evidence base for climate change policies
  • Delivery and implementation issues
  • Policy approaches
  • Adaptation and mitigation
  • Competing demands
  • Zero carbon homes and allowable solutions
  • Planning and building control

All presentation materials and supporting documents from each of the meetings workshops are available in the resource library.

In addition three briefing notes have been prepared which can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:

Planning for low/zero carbon transport and electric vehicle charging infrastructure

Raising the climate change profile

Collaboration and cooperation