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Resource Maps

CLASP key outputs and resources since 2008
CLASP Key Resources

There are over 300 free resources at from policy guidance, to case-studies, toolkits, presentations and fact-sheets.
This diagram shows links to some of the key resources, you can search by yourself for more at

We also have an additional Resource Map to external resources on Energy Statements and Carbon Calculators.

Plus a Resource Map to external resources on Small Scale Hydro Power Schemes.

And a Resource Map to external resources on Heat Networks.

Renewables Adapting to climate change Planning Policy Green Finance and Economic Development LA Emission & Energy Reduction Residents Energy Use and Climate Resilience Local Transport Member and Leadership Support
Low Carbon Planning Support Pack
Adaptation Risk Assessment Resource Pack
Low Carbon Planning Support Pack
Green Finance Support Programme
Setting Up and Running an Environmental Champions Network
Low Carbon Planning Support Pack
NW Transport Network & Travel Planning
Planning Committee Training
Cheshire Renewables Handbook
Adapting Key Service to Climate Change
Planning Officers Shared Learning Group
Greatest Hits for Low Carbon Economic Development
Eco Reps Handbook
Green Wave Project
Cumbria Sustainable Transport Workshop
Sustainable Energy Training
Lancashire Renewables Factsheets
Building the Adaptive Capacity of Businesses
Decentralised Energy Networks in the LCR and LDFs
Low Carbon Procurement Guide
Environmental Champions Handbook
Community Renewables Training
Low Carbon Transport Reduction
Introduction to LA responsibilities
Cumbria Renewables Factsheets
How to: Engaging Local Businesses with Climate Changes
Cheshire Parish Council Briefings
Achieving Sustainable Procurement
Cheshire & Warrington Carbon Management Case Study
Greatest Hits (full pack)
Greatest Hits for Transport Planning
Leadership Academy on Spatial Planning
Community Engagement Resource Pack
NW Landscape Adaptation Briefing
Leadership Academy on Spatial Planning
Developing a Carbon Budget
Lancashire Schools Energy Reduction Project
Cumbria Low Carbon Tourism Seminar
Planning Committee Training
Introduction to Local Authorities Responsibilities
Rochdale Schools Energy Reduction Project
Behavioural Change Workshop
Delivering Local Energy Networks